An Advanced Value Investing Strategy

CIBC Wisdomtree Siegel Equity Value Index™ Series II

Bloomberg Ticker: CIBZSEVI

Tap into the power of value investing

The CIBC WisdomTree Siegel Equity Value Index™ Series II has been carefully crafted by industry-leaders consistently recognized for their insight and expertise across capital markets.

Leveraging decades of experience and intelligence, the CIBC WisdomTree Siegel Equity Value Index™ Series II combines leading index construction, objective asset allocation processes and an innovative quantitative investment strategy in an effort to provide total returns using a distinct blend of equity-based ETFs. This systematic, rules-based index is backed by the highly-acclaimed work of Professor Jeremy J. Siegel, Senior Investment Strategy Advisor, WisdomTree Investments Inc.

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The WisdomTree Siegel Strategic Value Index™

Access a distinct blend of performing equities regardless of market conditions.