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Hypothetical simulation and past performance

* Source: Bloomberg
** Index Start Date: December 27, 2002

Historical sector allocation

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* Source: Bloomberg
** Index Start Date: December 27, 2002

Hypothetical historical allocation

Hypothetical and actual monthly and annual returns

Index performance

The Index was launched on December 19, 2018. Prospective investors should be aware that any hypothetical performance data included in this Site is derived from the economic environment and the simulated historical data that prevailed in the period following the date of the relevant simulation. Accordingly, although the graphs and simulated results herein may be useful in order to gain some historical perspective, past performances of the Index and the hypothetical historical performance data presented should not be taken as indicative of future performance of the Index. It is impossible to predict whether the value of the Index will rise, fall or remain flat.

The hypothetical historical performance data presented in this Site have not been verified by any independent third party. Hypothetical historical results have their inherent limitations. These hypothetical back-tested results are determined by means of a retroactive application of a back-testing model designed with the benefit of hindsight. Alternative modeling techniques or assumptions might produce significantly different results and prove to be more appropriate or accurate. Hypothetical back-tested results are neither an indicator nor guarantee of future returns or future performance. Actual results will vary, perhaps materially, from the hypothetical analysis.

The hypothetical examples, scenarios or figures herein are provided for illustrative purposes. They allow an understanding of the Index's mechanism and how the Index would have performed during different market stages over previous years, excluding taxes and expenses. They are NOT an estimate or forecast of the future performance of the Index and have no contractual value. There is no assurance that a transaction will be entered into on any indicative terms. The hypothetical simulations of the Index described in this Site take into account certain maintenance costs that are built into the Index. Actual results including maintenance fees and the precise methodologies will vary, perhaps significantly, from the hypothetical historical data set forth herein.