Descriptive Transcript

The Balanced Asset 5 Index™ Overview Video

[This video uses animation to illustrate spoken content. The CIBC logo appears with the video title, “Balanced Asset 5 Index™”]

Introducing the Balanced Asset 5 Index™ from CIBC Capital Markets,

[A building appears. Then, several bricks appear to form a square.]

a leading North American financial institution at the forefront of index construction.

[The square is divided into two sections. Two control switches appear, moving up and down in levels.]

By leveraging a classic 60/40 approach to portfolio allocation in combination with rebalancing and volatility control features,

[The square expands into a rectangle. Text reads, “60% Blackrock iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (IVV)” on one section, and “40% Blackrock iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT)” on the other section.]

the Balanced Asset 5 Index™ seeks to provide excess returns across market conditions through a tactical combination of equity and fixed income ETFs developed by Blackrock.

[Text reads, “Strategic, Balanced Exposure.”]

Strategic, balanced exposure

[The divided rectangle reappears. A positive bar chart appears on the left section. A gauge labelled “Risk” appears on the right section.]

Through the 60% equity ETF exposure, the Index targets consistent returns over time and across market conditions, while the 40% fixed income ETF allocation seeks to moderate the overall risk of the portfolio. Each month, the Index is rebalanced back to 60/40 weights.

[Text reads, “Innovative Construction Features.”]

Innovative construction features

[A positive line chart with a control switch appears. The switch shifts from right to left, with the label “5%”.]

Index volatility is managed at 5% using custom volatility control strategies,

[The line chart is replaced by the divided rectangle. A new section appears on the left, with the text, “Cash.”]

which shift a percentage of assets into cash as required, capping leverage at 150%.

The end result?

[Arrows appear moving up, and then down.]

Whether the market is high or low, investors get transparent, balanced, diversified exposure

[Dollar signs enclosed in circles appear. A line appears to connect these circles from left to right, depicting a positive line chart.]

without losing the opportunity to take advantage of market movements with daily liquidity.

The Balanced Asset 5 Index™.

A distinct mix of assets and construction features designed to generate excess returns while effectively managing risk.

[The CIBC logo appears. Text reads, “CIBC Capital Markets”]